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All of our dogs are health tested, we know this is vitally important as a responsible breeder. Our goal is always to improve the overall quality of the pups we produce, not for recognition of that, but rather because it is in the best interest of our dogs and pups. Healthy, genetically sound dogs are necessary to produce healthy pups.
All of our dogs are temperament tested before being bred.

All of our dogs have incredible dispositions and make terrific companions, after 20 years of breeding we have achieved our goal of consistently producing the perfect Jack. For those who know the difference an MBF Jack is a special type of Jack.
All of our dogs are registered, with one or in some cases multiple registries.
 JRT's are registered with multiple clubs AKC, UKC, NKC ,EJRTCA and JRTCA to name a few.
I register my dogs as a way to track and study bloodlines so I can make suitable choices when I choose to breed a pair of dogs or to add new bloodlines to my program to ensure genetic diversity.
We are not a show kennel, and I personally have no interest in showing, here at MBF our focus is health and temperament.
The choice of registry has no reflection on the the quality of the dog.
Our goal is to raise top quality pups, provide a hands on, loving and caring environment from the day the pups are born until the day they are ready to go home with their families. We provide weekly updates and photos, we are here for our pups families prior to the pups arrival, during their 8 weeks they are with us and after they go home, it is our goal to make this a very positive and enjoyable experience.
I believe this approach is better for both our families and our pups,  all the extra time and care is well worth it and it shows in the pups we raise. It definitely takes more time and effort but our pups are worth it.

'SAVE THE TAILS'  Pups tails are not docked, dew claws are not removed.

I have had many Jack Russell's over a 42 year period and have concluded that there is no benefit, at all, to the dog to cut off part of their tail or one of their digits, soon after birth, in fact, the dew claw serves a purpose, which is why dogs have it. 

As compassionate dog breeders, the best interests of the pup is a priority to us.

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Those with deposits, see list at the bottom of the page will have choice preference with each litter, in date order of when the deposit was received, to reserve a pup after they are born you must send a deposit, no holds on unreserved pups, sorry. 
We have bred Yodel to Red  for a Summer litter.
Smooth or broken coats expected in this litter.
Due May 28th
We have 4 reservations for this litter.
We hope to breed Honey to Sparkey, for a smooth late Summer/ early fall litter. 
Sparkey is owned by my friend, his Mother is Dolly(Muppet/Charlie) his
Father is Eliot(Elva(Nora/Ollie)/Winston(Willy son)
We hope to have a rough coat late summer litter, details to follow. 
Choice of pups is based on date deposit was received, unless you have specified a particular litter preference at a later date.
 Reservations with deposits

Kristina, Tri smooth (m or f)

Laura, black/white pup

Lauren B smooth coat male(when the time is right)

~E. Hochman(R), male or female smooth or light broken coat(12/22) on hold


We do require a $500(12/27/20) deposit to be on the reservation list for upcoming litters.

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Deposits are not refundable but they are transferable to another litter or future litter.

Deposits can be paid through Paypal(see Buy Now Paypal button below), Venmo Fiona-Clapp, Zelle, CashApp or you may send a check to Fiona Clapp, 415 High St, Belfast, ME 04915

*I can meet you in Waterville, ME and/or Augusta, ME, I am happy to do this to help shorten your travel distance, at no fee.

Pups can be brought to York, ME, Logan airport or possibly other locations. The fee will depend on distance, it will be based on mileage and time, as I hire my kennel manager to do this for me or to cover for me while I go. The fee is $150 fee to York, ME, if we are bringing multiple pups to the same location we can adjust the individual cost.


All adult male dogs can be seen on Our Boys page

All adult female dogs can be seen on Our Girls page

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