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For 2024 we will have pups available through Spring only.
No other litter plans 
I have so enjoyed raising my sweet jacks and sharing them with you but the time has come for me to take a step back and put any future litter on hold for now. I have friends in Maine and NH that have my lines and will have litters available from time to time and I will mention them here to share their information.

'SAVE THE TAILS'  Pups tails are not docked, dew claws are not removed.

I have had many Jack Russell's over a 42 year period and have concluded that there is no benefit, at all, to the dog to cut off part of their tail or one of their digits, soon after birth, in fact, the dew claw serves a purpose, which is why dogs have it. 

As compassionate dog breeders, the best interests of the pup is a priority to us.

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I am no longer going to require a deposit to be added to the waitlist. I cannot guarantee what pups will be available or when. It all depends on when the dogs come into season/heat :)
My last litter plans are listed below.
Honey has been bred to Haggan for a smooth litter due mid November.
We hope to have a couple more litters over the winter and spring of 2024.
Then we will officially be taking a step back.
Hopeful litters;
Pippa x Pick Winter litter
Hazel x ?
Iris(Rose daughter), light broken coat x Pick
 Reservations with deposits or waitlist
Jeannette smooth female(Ruby litter)
*Marilyn Brophy(Male Ophelia litter)

*Kristina, Tri smooth (m or f) when available

Laura, spring litter

Lauren B smooth coat male(when the time is right)

E. Hochman(R),  female smooth or light broken coat, spring '24

Joan N female tri color spring

Scott L spring pup

I am not requiring a deposit to be on the waitlist as I don't want to have to return deposits if the pups are not available. I CANNOT guarantee availability or timing of these last MBF litters.​

Deposits are not refundable but they are transferable to another litter or future litter.

Deposits can be paid through Paypal(see Buy Now Paypal button below), Venmo Fiona-Clapp, Zelle, CashApp or you may send a check to Fiona Leahy, PO Box 381, York Beach, ME 03910

Pups can be brought to Logan airport or possibly other locations. The fee will depend on distance, it will be based on mileage and time, as I hire my kennel manager to do this for me or to cover for me while I go. 


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