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If you wish to contact me please email or call 207-475-5856



If you think you would like to add one of our pups to your family please complete the following steps:

  1. Please read our policy page, below first, then please fill out our Application
    My obligation as an animal lover and dog breeder is to ensure that each one of my pups gets the best, most suitable home. By filling out our application you provide me with the information to ensure that I know one of our JRT pups is a good choice for you.

  2. Once we receive the application we will follow up with you promptly.

  3. I prefer to sell all my pups on spay/neuter agreements. I may consider selling a pup with full papers to the right home. 



It is best not to have visitors prior to the pups turn 5 weeks of age. This is for both the health of the pups and the well being of the Mother dog. I know families are anxious to see their pups grow and so I give weekly updated pictures and video clips throughout the 8 week period while you are waiting for your pup to come home. 

I try to be accommodating with my schedule to allow you to visit at a time that suits you. That said, my day is always busy and when you raise dogs schedule is key. I have two priorities, the well being of my dogs and pups and to you as my customer, I try very hard to make this a pleasant experience for you from beginning to end. All of my policies are made with that in mind.



Every dog at MBF is registered with at least one registry, most with multiple(AKC and/or EJRTCA). All litters born here are registered with the AKC or EJRTCA. All pups will go home with their litter registration papers or receive them shortly there after.









Vet and General Care:


My long term experience as a breeder and the research I have done over the years has enabled me to conclude that the daily care given to the Mother dog, especially, during pregnancy, whelping and nursing her pups and then the care given to the pups from day one can have a huge benefit to the long term health and wellbeing of the pups. With this in mind all MBF Jack puppies are raised in our home where someone is always there with them & they get lots of socialization.

Our pups go through the early neurological stimulation exercises as outlined in the "Super Dog" program. They are exposed to the daily hustle & bustle of normal household activity, children, older dogs,daily play around the house & plenty of outside playtime. This has been proven to  be greatly beneficial to the pup & helps ensure they mature into balanced, confident & healthy adult dogs. It is our goal to go above and beyond to offer you the best pup possible. This extra effort along with our purpose to only breed the best shorty jack russells ensures you get a pup that will be well adjusted, level headed, responsive to training and naturally bonded to their family both 2 and 4 legged.


I send home an information packet at 4 weeks to help you prepare for your pups arrival. This information packet will include details on feeding guide, food choices, tried and tested treat and toy suggestions, crate training and crate size and type recommendations, leash training, potty training, vaccination information, suggestions on  training reading materials  and some addition information.

In compliance with State law I offer a 1 year health guarantee but I offer an addition 5 years for a total of 6 years written health guarantee against congenital defects. I am not aware of any other breeder offering such a guarantee, but I feel that as a responsible breeder I can go above and beyond to stand behind the quality of the pups I produce and offer this additional guarantee.

  • All of my adult dogs are health tested prior to being bred to ensure specific health defects are not passed on.

  • All pups are seen by my vet at approximately 7 weeks, they receive their first puppy vaccine. It is a distemper/parvovirus combination vaccine. It is strongly suggested that they receive 3 vaccines total to guard against these viruses, at 7, 11 and 15 weeks.

  • I do not surgically alter the pups at birth anymore so all pups will be left natural, no tails or dew claws cut off.(updated 2019)

  • All vaccines are done by my vet.

  • All pups are now wormed at 6 weeks for 3 consecutive days with liquid Panacur.

  • I do not microchip, in my opinion it is unnecessary to do this to a young pup, if you want to microchip it is best if done while they are under anesthetic during their spay/neuter.


To read about my choice in breeding ethics and practices follow this link

Pricing and Payment:

*A one time $100 discount is offered to all repeat customers, we really appreciate your loyalty and confidence in our pups, Thank you!


When you buy a pup from MBF you are not just paying for the pup. You are buying a pup that has been raised with extensive care and experience to ensure that your pup is well adjusted prior to leaving here. I breed on a small scale and have over 40 years experience with Jack Russells, we take optimum care of all of our adult dogs and our pups. I want the people who choose an MBF pup to be the type of people that truly care about where their pup comes from and the type of life the adult dogs enjoy as well as wanting to buy from a breeder who has your and your pups best interests at heart.

All pups are priced at my discretion, prices may be affected by the gender of the pup, coat type, coloring, breeding and registration. Prices are generally $2,000-$2,500 (pet puppy only) or $3,000 pick of litter pups will be sold with breeding option. If you are interested in a pup with full papers that will need to be discussed on a case by case basis. I sell very few pups with full papers but I am open to discussing this option with those who may be interested.

All dog breeders in the State of Maine are required to charge a 5.5% Sales tax on all puppies sold. This is the law and is not negotiable.

A $500 deposit is required to make a reservation on an upcoming litter.

Deposits are non refundable but can be transferred to another litter or deferred for up to 2 years. Any other questions regarding deposits please feel free to ask.


All payments of cash are required in full at the time of pick up.

If you are paying with a personal check I must receive it  when your pup is 7 weeks, 1 week prior to departure. 


If payment is not received in full by 8 weeks the pup reserved for you will be made available and your deposit will be forfeited.

Payment via checks, cash are accepted or for your convenience you may pay via Paypal with a credit card, please add the 3% fee if you choose to use Paypal. Please make checks out to Fiona Clapp 415 High St, Belfast, ME 04915

Included in the price of the pup is their first puppy vaccine, a sample of their food, a blanket with the scent of the Mother dog and your pup's littermates, a toy, a training information packet, my 6 year health guarantee, a sample and information on NuVet supplements, a welcome packet and a lifetime of support for your pup from me. I have worked very hard to be able to offer you the best shorty jack puppies, I truly appreciate all the wonderful feedback I have received over the years and I believe that your truly do get your money's worth in the purchase of a MBF Jack pup.




As a dog breeder it is my responsibility to put the pups well being as my top priority. With that in mind I am opting to no longer ship pups as cargo (by themselves). This will ensure that I meet every new puppy owner and that each puppy will leave here with their owner. If you fly here and prefer me to meet you at the airport I will happily drive to Boston, MA to hand deliver your puppy to you. Or I may be able to drive to meet you. I will be happy to work with you to make it work. I may be able to arrange for your pup to be hand delivered to you.

If you can come to our home that is best so you can meet our dogs and your pups extended family.

There are many options, I have pups that have traveled 2 miles down the road to get to their home and as far as Brazil (pup flew Business class with their owner).

During winter months if weather prevents you from personally flying in to pick up your pup we may be able to make an exception to fly your pup to you. Flights must be under 3 hours and direct flights. This is considered a last resort but sometimes Maine winters complicate things :) Cost will be $350-$375, which will include shipping cost, crate cost and delivery to airport cost.


Heading Home:


All pups are ready to leave at 8 weeks. It is expected that you will pick you pup up at 8 weeks, or the first weekend after they turn 8 weeks. 

After this date, there will be a $30 a day charge to board your pup until you can arrange pick up, unless an alternate date has been agreed upon prior to placing deposit.

If for any reason the 8 week date does not work for your schedule I offer a great alternative. 

I can only offer this if time allows, please ask about this option prior to placing a deposit.

You can pick your pup up at 10 weeks. The 2 week additional stay is $750. In that 2 week period I will start your pup on the early basics of training, exposure to the crate, collar/harness, learning to walk with me. I can only offer this to one or two pups at a time as the training is time consuming, please discuss this with me at the time you place your deposit. Please understand this may not always be available.


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