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I breed a specific type of Jack at MBF.

On moving to the US I couldn't find the type of Jack I loved so I set out start a breeding program with what I think is the ideal.

It didn't happen overnight because it isn't as simple as that, it takes many years to really perfect the type of dog you really like. For me it has nothing to do with color, coat type or height it is all to do with temperament, everything else is the icing on the 

cake 😊☘️ My dogs are all very sweet, loyal, mannerly, respectful, mild mannered yet very much still terriers, athletic, brave, at times tenacious, always fun. They are a dog that is

well suited to family life, living with other animals and generally pleasant little dogs.

They are all around 9-11" tall and about 14-18 lbs, smooth, broken and rough coats.


I have brought over 3 different lines from Ireland and

have developed my breeding program around them.

I feel I have something unique, something that sets my

Jacks apart from other breeders. I don't say that to boast but from the feedback I get I think people who own a MBF pup agree. I have heard many, many times that their MBF Jack is the best Jack they have ever owned.

That makes me very happy because my real passion was to breed the wonderful type of jack I grew up with and share it with others. My favorite comment I hear is, I never knew a Jack could be that sweet 😊☘️❤️ music to my ears.

My dear little Tess, such a special dog!


Being truthful and genuine has always been a priority to me, therefore I don't breed dogs that I don't like.

There are enough pups being born that are unwanted or that are poorly bred and end up being unwanted because the family can't handle them, or they were unprepared for what to expect. I want the pups I sell to make the perfect addition to loving, caring families so they can be enjoyed and appreciated for life.

I think you can have it all, brains, beauty and sweet disposition, it makes for a fabulous Jack Russell and the most perfect companion.

My little buddy Red, he is the best little travel buddy ❤️😊



I have no interest in showing my dogs or producing dogs for the show ring. I never had an interest in that, I used to show my ponies but honestly it never really was my cup of tea, too much standing around and being away from home and my dogs. However that does not mean I don't want to produce excellent quality Jacks because I do. 

My lines, they are all of European decent, from Ireland, England, Holland, some are from South Africa but originated in Europe. My relatives that live in Australia say you can find all types there too but the Australian show lines are what you tend to see here, I can't say I am a huge fan, a little goes a long way. Show lines tend to look very cookie cutter because they breed to win obviously, variation of type doesn't win so all the dogs start to look the same, I really find that terribly disappointing and I don't care for it.

Two of the BEST! Bree and Tess ☘️❤️😊


The Jack Russell rescues are full of terriers that are not good with other dogs, cats and even children, who wants a dog like that? Nobody, which is sad but true that is why they are at the shelter. To me it is very irresponsible to produce dogs like this.

I have yet to have a person call me and say "May I have a highly strung dog that will be unsuitable around other animals or the neighborhood kids", it just doesn't happen. Unfortunately so many breeders have done this that Jack Russells in America have acquired a bad reputation. The number of people who have made negative comments to me about the breed saddens me, fortunately when they meet mine they see it simply isn't fair to label all Jacks the same.

Well bred Jack Russell's are awesome.

No matter which breeder you decide to buy your next pup from, do your homework, ask questions about the parents and whenever possible go and meet the parents.

Genetics plays a huge part in the temperament of the dog, environment and certainly how the dog is raised play an important role too but at the dogs core are its genetics. Breeding good dogs and giving the pups the best start in life makes a difference.


I think there is nothing better than a good Jack and that every family should have, at least, one but in reality, they are not the breed for everyone. 

I breed for a very mild Jack Russell temperament but please remember they are terriers, they are very smart, curious, lively and they need to be raised right, or really they just need to be raised and trained not let do whatever they please.

Pups are a lot of work and owning a dog is a long term responsibility. 

Every puppy is 'cute' but please make sure you are ready for the commitment, 

time and energy required along with all the fun, joy and love that will come with owning a Jack. Without suitable training even a well bred Jack can be bossy, possessive and a tad obnoxious.

Please note, This is my website and my beliefs, 

not everyone need agree with them, this is based on my experiences with the breed. 

With over 40+ years of enjoying these little Jack Russells I have observed much and learned a lot from them.

First and foremost I give thanks to God for all my

success at MBF down the years, through Him all things are possible.



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