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(pronounced Modra Beug)

 simply means little or small dog. 

In gaelic madra is dog and beag is small.


My first Jack Russell, Bubbles 1979 Co. Dublin, Ireland.

My smile says it all and my jacks have been making me smile ever since. She was a grand little dog and she was the perfect pet for me at 8, lots of fun, a bit mischievous, always up for an adventure, affectionate and loyal.

This was the beginning of a life filled with wonderful dogs, we always had a variety of dogs, retriever's, spaniels and terriers for the most part. As a child I alway had my own dog, besides Bubbles, I had a Boxer named Muggins and a sweet Springer Spaniel named Penny.





















My daughters with our first Jack Russell in the US, Murphy. We imported Murphy directly from Ireland, from friends in the Pony Club who had this line for many years.

My children always had lots of animals around and enjoyed them thoroughly, I have found my jacks to be very tolerant with my kids. 

















They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well if that is so, this picture describes my relationship with my Jacks at the beginning and still today, they are and always will be intertwined with my life, since I was a small child animals, particularly my dogs were just part of who I am. It was a childhood dream to raise dogs, I feel very fortunate to be able to live that out.

My daughter took this photo, I was exhausted after another busy early morning taking care of the dogs and the farm animals. Raising dogs is a full time commitment and lots of work but there is nothing I would rather do, all the hard work is so worth it.

These little dogs have charmed me for over 40 years and I hope they do for 40 more.

















Bubbles and I,  1981 Co. Dublin, Ireland.

My smile says it all again, I loved that little dog and she loved me.

Her ears popped up at 6 months and stayed that way, didn't change anything about how I felt about her and it certainly didn't change her one bit.



My daughter Izzy and Tillie having a nice chat, 2009 York, ME

MBF Tillie and Izzy two sweet souls.



















It is lovely here in Maine, I had lived in Maine for over 25 years, mostly in York. and definitely consider it home.

I have moved around a little but York is home.

My dogs are an intricate part of my life, always have been, always will be. 

They are woven through the fabric of my life, along with their dog hair 😊

Madra Beag Farm is also home to our beloved horses, some adorable Nigerian goats, KuneKune pigs, a couple of cows and an assortment of poultry.

It's our life and it's tons of work, sometimes a tad chaotic but I wouldn't change it.




I am so grateful to God to have this lovely spot that I have been able to raise my 3 children and all our animals, we have so many great memories.

It is doggie heaven my Jacks, Corgi, and a few farm dogs get to enjoy their lives.

We welcome visitors with advance notice, mostly because life is always busy and we need to plan ahead for a visit.

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