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'MBF Moses' 

A lovely example of our pups blending Irish and American lines.

(Photo courtesy of Laurie Romer)


MBF Jacks are a distinct type of Jack Russell. I have brought over 3 different bloodlines directly from Ireland, each one offering something unique and beneficial to my breeding program. I have gradually, and with careful consideration, added various American and European lines to my Irish lines to develop a Jack Russell that closely resembles the type I first fell in love with over 40 years ago in Ireland.


In the 16 years I have been developing this unique line at MBF I have been told our pups are very special and sought after, there is just something about them in looks, temperament and 'their way' that makes them stand out.  I always recognize one of my jacks even if I haven't seem them in a decade.

I continue to work to upgrade my breeding program, striving to improve each generation.  I do this by paying attention to my bloodlines, to feedback I receive, and by critical observation of my dogs and focusing on what I believe is the perfect Jack.


'MBF Winston & MBF Wellington with adorable Siri' 

This warms my heart, this is what I hope for, my pups bringing joy and fun to their families.

(Photo courtesy of Katelyn Wilson)


At MBF we offer smooth, broken and rough coat pups. Each has its own distinct look and charm. To learn about the different coats we have added a link at the bottom of a page which describes each coat and the care required to maintain it. 

Our dogs are all registered, we register with both the AKC and the EJRTCA, to read more about each registry we provide a link below. Both are excellent registries. The AKC, American Kennel Club is an all breed Kennel Club. The EJRTCA was started 25 years ago by a dedicated group of avid shortie JRT enthusiasts to "recognize the little guys and keep their lines pure".

All of our adult dogs are from health tested lines and equally important from temperament tested lines. I consider the temperament of my dogs to be of the utmost importance. I got my first dog at 8 years old, she was my dog not the family dog, she was a little gem we had so much fun together. I breed jacks with a similar temperament and they produce that in their pups.

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