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The MBF Jack Russell is a special & unique terrier that

has been developed & enjoyed for many, many years in Ireland and

the UK. I have owned them for over 40 years. I want to ensure

this type of Jack continues and is not lost with the recent changes

in name and appearance.

I like to say my Jacks are Irish American & proud of it. I have

blended both top quality Imported Irish, Irish American &

American bloodlines to produce the classic, short & sweet

Jack Russell Terrier that I grew up with in Ireland.

For those who know the difference, You don't know Jack until

you own an MBF Jack 😊


What you like best will come down to personal preference I raise

what I like. Many of my dogs were born here and bred by me, some

were imported directly from Ireland, some were born here but their

parents were imported from Ireland. I also have a few dogs that are

from completely outside lines that were bred by top notch breeders

in the US. The introduction of these gorgeous dogs from new lines

have just added to the quality of my pups. Sincere thanks to the

breeders who graciously shared their beautiful bloodlines with me,

I truly appreciate it.


To read more about each adult dog click their photo

Most of our dogs are AKC registered, a couple are EJRTCA only,

with the AKC the shorty Jack is called Russell Terrier, this can

cause confusion as the same dog is referred to as a Jack Russell

in IKC but it is just a different name. Most of our dogs are dual

registered with EJRTCA.

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