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It's a big name for such a small dog but she wears it well, we call her Tess.

This awesome and very beautiful little dog is very dear to my heart.

She is a daughter of our Bree, who was also born at MBF.

Very special lineage going back to Minnie and Slaney both incredible dogs!

Tess is third generation born at Madra Beag Farm, we hope to continue breeding this special line for many years to come.

Minnie was imported by me from Ireland and has been such an asset to our Irish breeding program.

Tess is out of Charlie who is just one of the dearest, sweetest dogs here. Such a good boy, with both impressive bloodlines and temperament.

Tess is a gorgeous full and rather hairy rough coat female with the most endearing expression and personality. She is a character for sure! We love our Tessie Tess and all her amusing and sometimes impish ways :)

Tess does not shed, which is an added bonus.

  • AKC registered 

  • 9.5" tall, 12 lbs, born in 2019

  • Tan/white rough coat 

  • SCA and PLL clear by parentage

  • Embark tested, COI: 3%, excellent genetic diversity in her pedigree.

  • Some of the amazing dogs in Tess's bloodlines, Tess, Charlie, Bree, Minnie, Slaney and Minnie again.

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