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Welcome to our new store and thanks for stopping by.

As many of your now know, sharing your life withan MBF Jack is a wonderful thing, sharing it with a whole pack is amazing. Our jacks are a unique and special terrier. We have most likely all heard the typical response when we say we have a Jack Russell, I certainly hear it often. The typical response is "oh boy, they are a handful" or "they are not good with other dogs or kids" or "they are so hyper", I could go on but I always used to think to myself, "they don't know Jack" about my MBF Jacks 😊 So I came up with the phrase in my head 'For those who know the difference, you don't know Jack until you have owned an MBF Jack". We have now developed our new logo around that.

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We will be offering bumper stickers, an awesome tote bag, made for the long haul, just like your MBF Jack. We will also be offering trucker hats, baseball hats, pens, campfire mugs, frisbees all with our awesome MBF logo. All will be reasonably priced and will make the perfect gift or must have MBF gear. I am really excited about this adventure and hopefully you will be too.

The totes are available now, shown above. They are heavy cotton boat totes, 24 ounce cotton, 30" carrying handles, outside pocket. $25 plus shipping($8.55 second day), sorry kind of expensive if we can find a cheaper way we obviously will update.

Vibrant vinyl stickers are $2.50 including shipping

Currently the easiest way to pay is through Venmo, Fiona-Clapp or PayPal, I will be sorting this all out and make it more efficient within the next few weeks :) Thanks for your patience.

Other items will be listed shortly.

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