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Our Iris is a very special little dog, over flowing

with charm and character.

She is a perfect combination of Slaney and Olive,

right about 10" I think. Solid about 16/17 lbs.

She is hilarious, sweet and always happy

and she is a very keen hunter.

Iris doesn't have a mean bone in her, she gets along

very well with all the dogs and loves people. 

She is always enthusiastic, loves to dig, play with

the water hose and generally have fun.

Her tail is always wagging and she

seems to think everything is fun! A great little dog.

She is obedient off leash on the trails, walks calmly

on a leash and makes you smile as she wiggles back

and forth. I love my Iris.


  • Iris is PLL and SCA clear by parentage

  • She was born here in 2016.

  • 10" tall approximately

  • Rough/heavy broken coat

  • About 17 lbs

  • EJRTCA & AKC registered



Olive's sire is an Irish Import, an IKC & JR Interra CHAMPION(Iris's Mother)

Slaney's Mother was imported from Ireland. (Slaney is Iris's Dad)

Iris is the third generation born here at MBF JACK'S on her Mothers side, both of her parents were born here. All are wonderful dogs and now retired. Iris will carry on this very special line here.

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